How to Make a Gift Guide for Your Ecommerce Store

How to Make a Gift Guide for Your Ecommerce Store

If your store has a blog, it can be hard to come up with post ideas. You want them to be valuable and interesting to your customers while tying into your business. There's one type of content that always fits that bill: gift guides.

Image via  FreePik .

Image via FreePik.

Gift guides or wish lists are a great way to promote your store while giving customers ideas when they're stuck on what to buy someone. Win-win!

And you might think gift guides are just for the holiday season. Not true! Gift guides are great for Mother's Day, Father's Day, birthdays, baby showers, engagement/wedding get it. If it's a gift-giving occasion, you can create a gift guide for it.

Your mind is probably going in a hundred different directions right now. Let's rein it in while I show you exactly how to create different gift guides.

What to Consider when Making a Gift Guide

There are a few things to think about before you start:

  1. What holiday/occasion are you focusing on?

  2. Who are you targeting?

  3. What kind of people shop with you? Who are your products for?

The first one is straightforward. Are you making a Mother's Day wish list? Father's Day? Christmas? Housewarming, new baby, graduation?

You get it.

Once you've chosen your occasion, move on to who you're targeting.

This is a little trickier. You can get very specific right off the bat and create, say, a Father's Day gift guide for dads who love to go fishing or a Christmas gift guide for teenagers who love gaming.

Or you can create one gift guide that targets different specific people. This means that each item on your list will appeal to someone different. This is a really fun way to create a gift guide since it allows you to get creative and target a lot of people at once.

Let's say you've decided to write a Mother's Day wish list this way. You may have items that appeal to the mom who loves coffee, the crafty mom, the gardening mom, and on and on. (Check out the Father's Day gift guide I made for Lolli & Pops to see a fully fleshed-out example.)

And last but certainly not least, you have to think about who your customer is. Are they parents? College students? What's their budget like? Use your analytics to get an idea of what your customers are shopping for, what they're actually purchasing, and how much they spend. This will allow you to create more effective gift guides.

Now that you know your options, let's move on to actually creating it.

How to Make Your Gift Guide

To get started, grab a piece of paper and a pen. I find that writing this down, even if it's on a piece of scrap paper, is easier and more helpful than typing it.

You're going to write down what holiday or occasion your gift guide is for, who you'll be targeting, and how many items you want to feature. How many items your list includes isn't a huge deal (although there is some science behind numbers in headlines) and can change but it's good to have a number in place to start.

I run an online store that carries specialty coffees, teas, and unique mugs.

Holiday: Mother's Day
Targeting: College students
Number of items: 10

Since I'm targeting college students shopping for their mom(s), there are two things that'll be in the forefront of my mind: the cost of the items on the list and shipping. Let's keep the featured products at $30 or under and make sure we mention that we can ship directly to mom.

Now we're cooking. And now it's time to look through our inventory and decide what to put on the list. Since I've decided to do a general Mother's Day list, each item will be for a "different" mom.

Open your word processor and create a rough outline with the products you plan on featuring. It'll look something like this:

For the mom who likes to try new things
[link to flavored coffee sampler]

For the mom known for her sense of humor
[link to funny mug]

For the chill mom
[link to caffeine free teas]

And on and on.

Do that for each item you plan on featuring. From there, fill in the blanks with info about the product. Tell your readers why each item is just perfect for their mom. It doesn't have to be long, a few sentences is plenty, but you want to sell them on it.

Next, add your product photos, an introduction, a conclusion (keep those short but be sure to add special shipping info in there), and a fun title. I might choose something like "10 Gifts for Mom When You're on a College Budget." That headline tells my readers they're going to find 10 Mother's Day gifts that won't break the bank.

Step-by-step (ooh, baby):

  1. Choose your holiday/occasion and define your audience.

  2. Choose the number of items on your gift guide (not set in stone.)

  3. Choose the items that will be included (along with who they’re for, if you chose a general guide like the example.)

  4. Add selling points to each of your items. Why is this the perfect gift?

  5. Add photos.

  6. Write a short intro and conclusion.

  7. Publish and promote that baby!

And that's it. You just created a gift guide! Publish it to your blog, share it on social media, and get ready to do the next one! They can be a lot of fun to make an allow you to get really creative. If you don't enjoy making them as much as I do, give me a shout! I'd love to create a few for you!

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